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Vocational Skills Contests

Updated information

Please click here to see the keyboard of computersto be used in the contests.

V1. Artificial Limb Making
V1. Artificial Limb Making pic Producing a socket for the artificial lower limb according to given specifications.
The socket must fit a standard plaster model of a leg.
Details (PDF 124KB)

V2. Basket Making
V2. Basket Making pic Fabricating a basket in a stipulated size and shape, using hard-weave materials such as cane and bamboo.

Details (PDF 270KB)

V3. CAD - Architecture
V3. CAD Architecture pic Using the CAD system to draw a ground plan from an architectural sketch.

Details (PDF 116KB)

V4. CAD - Machinery
V4. CAD Machinery pic Picking out specified parts from machinery drawings, and re-drawing the parts using the CAD system.

Details (PDF 126KB)

V5. Computer Programming Updated on 2007/10/31
V5. Computer Programming pic Writing a program to operate a commercial general-purpose robot arm. Please refer to the following webpage:
Requested operation will include making a robot arm write specified graphics and drawings. The software to be used will be Visual Studio version 6 and 2005, standard edition. You can use either of them.
Details (PDF 70.2KB)
Programming Manual (PDF 2.4MB)
Simulation Program (Download file 2MB)

V6. Creating Web Pages
V6. Creating Web Pages pic Creating user-friendly web pages including various information and functions based on provided data.

Details (PDF 60KB)
Preliminary Task (PDF 627KB)

V7. Data Processing - Advanced Course
V7. Data Processing_Advanced Course pic Making tables, inserting, extracting, revising and deleting specified data, designing data input screens and inputting data, printing reports, analyzing data, making menu screens, etc. The software to be used will include Microsoft Access, etc.
Details (PDF 81KB)

V8. Data Processing - Basic Course
V8. Data Processing_Basic Course pic Inputting a series of data, e.g. figures on sales slips, a list of addresses, etc.

Details (PDF 87KB)

1. Sample
2. Sample
☆Minimum System Requirements☆
OS: Windows 2000/XP
Application:Microsoft Access XP/2003
CPU: 600MHz
Disk Space: 100MB free disk space

V9. Dental Techniques
V9. Dental Techniques pic Fabricating artificial teeth according to given instructions.

Details (PDF 62KB)

V10. Dress Making - Advanced Course
V10. Dress Making Advanced Course pic Making full use of professional expertise to fabricate a woman's dress using the provided material and patterns.

Details (PDF 65KB)

V11. Dress Making - Basic Course
V11. Dress Making Basic Course pic Using basic dressmaking skills to fabricate a simple garment such as an apron, according to a given design.

Details (PDF 108KB)

V12. Electronic Assembly and Testing
V12. Electronic Assembly and Testing pic Assembling an electronic equipment from a given, schematics, pin assignments, chassis and circuit board drawings, using provided components, and testing the functions of a completed equipment.

Details (PDF 324KB)

V13. Electronic Circuit Connection Techniques
V13. Electronic Circuit Connection Techniques pic Using provided components to connect electronic circuits according to the given specifications. Skills to be tested include soldering, crimping connections, insulation displacement connection (IDC), wire wrapping, etc.

Details (PDF 269KB)
Chart (PDF 617KB)

V14. English Desktop Publishing
V14. English Desktop Publishing pic Creating and designing an eye-catching color document to be printed out according to given instructions by using standard DTP techniques.

Details (PDF 72KB)

V15. English Text Processing Updated on 2007/7/18
V15. English Text Processing pic Typing a document according to a given sample. Software to be used will be Windows MS-Word. Skills to be tested include: how to choose font, alignment, how to use WordArt, header/footer, how to insert and format images/tables, etc.

Details (PDF 59KB)
Skills to be tested (PDF 54.8KB)

V16. Floral Arrangement
V16. Floral Arrangement pic Creating an arrangement for given theme/occasion/purposes. Contestants will be able to choose flowers, plants and/or accessories.

Details (PDF 73KB)

V17. Furniture Making - Advanced Course
V17. Furniture Making Advanced Course pic Fabricating wooden parts according to a given drawing and specifications, and assembling them a piece of furniture as shown in the drawing.

Chart (PDF 39KB)
Details (PDF 133KB)

V18. Furniture Making - Basic Course Updated on 2007/5/11
V18. Furniture Making Basic Course pic Using basic woodwork skills to fabricate a wooden product according to a given drawing and specifications, using provided materials.

Details (PDF 124KB)
Chart (PDF 63KB)

V19. Jewelry Making Updated on 2007/11/9
V19. Jewelry Making pic Using provided material to fabricate a hand-made piece of jewelry setting according to a sample and drawing. Required skills include molding, filing, curving, cutting, melting, annealing, polishing, brazing, etc.

Details (PDF 59KB)
Image (PDF 34.3KB)

V20. Mechanical Assembly
V20. Mechanical Assembly pic Partialy disassembling a provided bicycle (mountain bike), then re-assembling it according to given instructions and making adjustments to make it run properly.

Details (PDF 122KB)
Tools (PDF 73.6KB)

V21. PC Assembly Updated on 2007/2/20
V21. PC Assembly pic Assembling a personal desktop computer according to specifications using provided components to make it run on the installed Windows XP.

Details (PDF 77KB)
This assignment will be partially modified for the actual contest.

V22. Photography
V22. Photography pic Taking photos of people, nature, buildings, etc. on a given theme. Contestants will use their own degital camera.

Details (PDF 71KB)

V23. Poster Design
V23. Poster Design pic Using a computer to design a poster in color on a given theme, adding catchwords/slogans on a set theme.

Details (PDF 62KB)

V24. Precision Sheet Metal Work
V24. Precision Sheet Metal Work pic Fabricating 2 parts using steel sheets (SPCC: mild steel sheet) and assembling them according to a provided drawing and specifications.

Chart (PDF 100KB)
Details (PDF 75KB)

V25. Tailoring
V25. Tailoring pic Using provided materials to fabricate an order-made man's outfit with linings, according to given instructions.

Details (PDF 70KB)

V26. Wood Carving
V26. Wood Carving pic Making a wood carving according to a given design from a provided flat wooden plate.

Details (PDF 113KB)