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Exhibitions by Domestic Companies and Organizations

A. WORK PLACE - Solutions for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities
With the aim of putting forward “Proposals on Employment Solutions for Persons with Disabilities,” exhibitions will be held by about 60 companies/organizations nationwide that actively employ persons with disabilities. Panels, images and demonstrations will be used to present the initiatives and technical innovations devised for the employment of persons with various disabilities at different workplaces.
  • Presentations will be made that describe actual employment cases for various job types and categories as well as presentations on persons with different types of disabilities and different employment status.
  • Presentations will be made on various technical innovations and concepts in relation to facilities and expertise.
  • Since exhibitors will be present at their booths, visitors can directly hear from them the ideas they have developed for generating employment.
  • Telework demonstrations will be made via line in simulated offices in the booths.
    (Oki WorkWel Co., Ltd., Iki Iki Network (NPO) + NTT Group)
  • Exhibitions will also be held by companies and organizations affiliated with the All Japan Association of the Offices for the Employment of Persons with Serious Disabilities.

B. SUPPORT - Support at the Stage of Shifting to Employment and for Various Work Approaches
Presentations will be made on the activities carried out by organizations such as special- needs schools and welfare facilities that support persons with disabilities when shifting to employment, and that also support them in a range of work approaches.
[Examples of Exhibitions]
  • The JHC Itabashi Group’s comprehensive support of people with mental disabilities in the area of living and employment
  • Activities by the Iwami Welfare Group that has acquired the expertise for making traditional costumes for the Iwami Kagura (Shinto dance and music numbers), a job unique to their district .
  • Presentation by a special-needs school in Shizuoka Prefecture about helping persons with disabilities when they shift from school to employment.

C. TECHNOLOGY - Effective Use of the Latest Technologies and Equipment
Manufacturers and organizations will present the tools, state-of-the-art technologies and equipment for supporting the work and general living of persons with disabilities, and the equipment and facilities instrumental in creating desirable work environments, and they will also present some actual cases of the effective use of such equipment and facilities.
[Examples of Exhibitions]
  • Next-generation support equipment, muscle-suits, active walkers (Prof. Kobayashi’s Laboratory, Tokyo University of Science), Omoiyari-Navi (Autonomous Movement Support/Transport Policy Section of Shizuoka City)
  • Techniques for Helping Persons with Visual Disabilities Read Printed Matter (Amedia Co., Ltd., Japan Welfare Service Co., Ltd. KOSAIDO SPEECHIO Sales Co., Ltd., GLD Publishing Co., Ltd.)
  • IT-related companies’ presentations on the effective use of equipment (Microsoft Co., Ltd., Fujitsu Co. Ltd. Hitachi Ltd., etc.)                                 
  • Presentation on equipment and facilities that help to create desirable work environments (Tetsuya Kogyo Co., Ltd., Shizuoka Prefecture Society for the Physically Handicapped + Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.)

D. UNIVERSALDESIGN - Environments and products for desirable work and living Conditions
The products and cases are presented in a way that helps viewers to readily understand the practical universal designs that anyone can use easily and that also serve to make general living more comfortable.
[Examples of Exhibitions]
  • Canon Inc.: Universal design concepts
  • TOSHIBA CORPORATION: Universal design for household electric appliances
  • KOKUYO Co., Ltd.: Universal design for practical stationery                                 
  • NIHON KODEN CORPORATION: Presentation of Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and a training session on emergency first aid

E. MEASURES - Systems and Schemes to Create Favorable Working Conditions
Presentation of the employment systems, support and schemes for persons with disabilities in different fields in “Shizuoka, Japan and the Rest of the World”
[Examples of Exhibitions]
  • Shizuoka Labor Bureau and Public Employment Security Office, Shizuoka Prefectural Association for Employment of Persons with Disabilities, Shizuoka Prefecture Assistance Dogs Support Center (NPO)
  • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities
  • ILO Office in Japan