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Demonstration/Exhibition (IA 2007 WORK FAIR)

Aiming at “Promoting the Employment of Persons with Disabilities and Realizing a Society for all,” the International Abilympics delegations and the exhibitors from domestic companies and organizations will present demonstrations, exhibitions and a variety of attractions at about 190 booths and stages at the venue. Satellite exhibitions will also be held at three locations in Shizuoka City.

Venues and Main Programs
[Main Venue] November 15 (Thu) - 17 (Sat) 8:45 - 17:00
North Exhibit Hall of the Twin Messe
■Exhibitions and Demonstrations by the IA delegations
■Exhibitions by domestic companies and organizations
■Welcome to Shizuoka
■Experience Program
Promenades of the South and North Wings of the Twin Messe
■Exhibition of accessible motor vehicles
[Satellite Venue] November 15 (Wed)~18(Sun) * Schedules are fixed for each venue
Shizuoka Art Gallery
Granship, Gallery on the 6th floor
Parche, Gallery on the 5th floor of
■Exhibition of accessible motor vehicles
(Art Exhibition, Poster Exhibition 2007 by JEED)

■ International Abilympics 2007 Delegation --IA 2007 Delegation
Japan Delegation: Demonstrations will be held for the following four categories of jobs.
Tea room service:Demonstrations of tea-room service by 7 medalists from this category at the domestic Abilympics Contest. They will serve visitors with coffee and fresh bread direct from the oven.
Bakery:Bread will be baked at the venue every day. A hands-on program has been prepared for visitors so they can experience bread baking.
PC operation:Persons with visual disabilities will demonstrate PC operation by making use of the voice-reading system. Presenters will be Gold medalists from the domestic Abilympics Contest.
Kimono making:A demonstration will be held for this uniquely Japanese job category. A kimono fashion show will be held on the stage.
IA Delegations: Delegations from 15 countries/regions will present demonstrations, exhibitions, stage events, etc., for different types of jobs for persons with disabilities.
Click here for the countries/regions and program contents.

■ Exhibitions by Domestic Companies and Organizations (WORK FAIR for persons with disabilities 2007)
Over 100 companies/organizations will hold exhibitions under the following themes at 130 booths.
Click here for a list of exhibitors from companies and organizations [PDF36KB]

A. WORK PLACE - Solutions for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities
With the aim of putting forward “Proposals on Employment Solutions for Persons with Disabilities,” exhibitions will be held by about 60 companies/organizations nationwide that actively employ persons with disabilities. Panels, images and demonstrations will be used to present the initiatives and technical innovations devised for the employment of persons with various disabilities at different workplaces.
B. SUPPORT - Support at the Stage of Shifting to Employment and for Various Work Approaches
Presentations will be made on the activities carried out by organizations such as special- needs schools and welfare facilities that support persons with disabilities when shifting to employment, and that also support them in a range of work approaches.
C. TECHNOLOGY - Effective Use of the Latest Technologies and Equipment
Manufacturers and organizations will present the tools, state-of-the-art technologies and equipment for supporting the work and general living of persons with disabilities, and the equipment and facilities instrumental in creating desirable work environments, and they will also present some actual cases of the effective use of such equipment and facilities.
D. UNIVERSALDESIGN - Environments and products for desirable work and living Conditions
The products and cases are presented in a way that helps viewers to readily understand the practical universal designs that anyone can use easily and that also serve to make general living more comfortable.
E. MEASURES - Systems and Schemes to Create Favorable Working Conditions
Presentation of the employment systems, support and schemes for persons with disabilities in different fields in “Shizuoka, Japan and the Rest of the World”

■ Welcome to SHIZUOKA
The exhibition organizers wish to extend their hospitality to International Abilympics participants, contestants, visitors and related parties from countries and regions around the world and various parts of Japan and showcase the attractive features of Shizuoka.

[Program Examples of Shizuoka Prefecture]
Performances on the Welcome Stage by students of special-needs schools in Shizuoka Prefecture (on the Stage)
Presentation on activities conducted at facilities for persons with disabilities in Shizuoka Prefecture
Introduction to tourism, products and traditional arts of the villages, towns and cities in the western part of Shizuoka Prefecture
Tea house service held at the facilities for persons with disabilities in Shizuoka Prefecture(the View Floor of the Main Exhibition Hall of the North Wing of the Twin Messe)
For details, click here [PDF11.6KB]

[Examples of Presentations on Shizuoka City]
Performance by the Grand Prize Winner of the “Street Performance World Cup in Shizuoka”
Tea ceremony performed by volunteers and an opportunity to experience the tea ceremony
Introduction to tourism and the sale of local products , and also an introduction to traditional arts of the villages, towns and cities in the middle area of Shizuoka Prefecture
The “Shizuoka Fureai (rapport) Court,” the “Gourmet Street,” and the “Shizuoka ‘Takumi (mastery)’ World” will be held in order to provide opportunities for interactions with people coming from the other parts of Japan and foreign countries.
For details, click here [PDF15.3KB]

■ Stage
Various stage events will be held by the International Abilympics delegations, exhibitors from domestic companies and organizations, and organizations based in Shizuoka Prefecture.

[Program Examples]
Exhibitors’ presentations and performances with the latest musical instruments
Demonstrations of sign language and performance of live band music through sign language
Demonstration to educate the public on the use of assistance dogs
Stage performances by students of special-needs schools in Shizuoka Prefecture
Performances and presentations by special guests
For details, click here [PDF12.2KB]


■ Experience Program
This program will provide visitors with opportunities to experience the types of jobs persons with disabilities get and their creation of traditional arts and crafts in Shizuoka .
※ Participation in all programs is free of charge. However, please apply at the Information Desk in the Main Hall because the number of participants is limited. (If applications exceed capacity, participants will be selected on a first-come basis.)
※ Participants may take home the objects they have created in the Experiment Program.

[Programs to be held]
Experience in making glazed decorations for masks used in Iwami Kagura (Shinto music and dance numbers)
Experience in traditional crafts of Shizuoka Prefecture (making 1,000 thin bamboo strips out of one stick of bamboo, etc.)
Experience in baking bread with the Demonstrators of Japan Delegation.

■ Accessible Motor Vehicle Exhibition
Accessible motor vehicles will be exhibited at the promenade between the North and South Big Exhibition Halls of the venue.

[Vehicles to be exhibited]
Toyota Motor Corporation PORTE
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. SERENA, CUBE
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. STEP WAGON

■ Satellite Exhibition

1. Art Exhibition
Shizuoka Art Gallery (1 minute from South Exit of JR Shizuoka Station)
November 15(Thu) to 18 (Sun) 10:00-19:00 *close at 15:00 on Sunday
■Exhibitor ART- MURA Project by Pasona Groups
Artbility by Tokyo Colony
Granship, Gallery on the 6th floor (1 minute from JR Higashi Shizuoka Station)
November 15(Thu) to 18 (Sun) 10:00-17:00 *close at 15:00 on Sunday
■Exhibitor Borderless Art Museum NO-MA

2. Poster exhibition 2007 publicizing employment support for persons with disabilities month
Parche, Gallery on the 5th floor (Linked to JR Shizuoka Station)
November 15(Thu) to 18 (Sun) 10:00-20:00 *close at 16:00 on Sunday
■Hosted by JEED (Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities)
- Every year, the Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities(an independent administrative institute) collects original pictures and/or photos from disabled persons across the country, designs and displays the poster of the month, thereby fostering employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. The works are of a high standard and help to raise the awareness and interest of the general public in the employment issues confronting disabled persons. JEED also exhibits original pictures and/or photos, such as award-winning posters including ones awarded the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award at the International Ablilympics satellite venue (5th floor gallery at the "Parche", a building which is directly linked to JR Shizuoka station)