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Satellite Exhibition

ART-MURA Project by Pasona Groups
The "ART-MURA Project" is run by Pasona Group as one of its "social contribution" activities designed to help persons with disabilities find employment opportunities through "Art." These activities are carried out under the concept of "talent knows no handicap".
The "ART-MURA Project" was launched in 1992 by the Pasona group as one of its "social contribution" activities in order to support the employment of persons with disabilities through "Art" under the concept of "talent knows no handicap". It has since been engaged in promoting the employment of disabled artists, collecting their works, holding exhibitions, running courses, planning and selling products, and designing hand-made products created at the "ART-MURA" atelier.


Artbility by Tokyo Colony
Artbility was established by Tokyo Colony (a social welfare foundation) as the Art Library to showcase the talents of disabled artists. It promotes activities to support the income of disabled artists who are working actively in the media field.
There are many painters and artists in the Library. Numerous works are collected across the country from disabled artists. These artists wish to be judged on their own merits, and do not wish to be characterized by such introductory phrases as "although they are physically challenged" or "regardless of their disabilities". Artbility carefully selects works after a rigorous review process, has them stored in a database, and hires out works for various publications, such as posters, booklets, and calendars. As a result, the artist receives 60% of the fee for each work. Artbility is implementing a project which supports disabled artists to generate income through these activities.


Borderless Art Museum NO-MA
The Borderless Art Museum NO-MA is a renovated early Showa Period(1926-1989) town-house. It is located in Omihachiman city in Shiga prefecture in a district of special historical architectural significance where these buildings are preserved.
The characteristics of this museum are not only to present the creative expressions of disabled persons, but also to provide opportunities for visitors to realize the universality of human expression by viewing the works by disabled artists in conjunction with those by able-bodied artists.
The Borderless Art Museum embarked on a collaborative project in partnership with "Collection de “Art Brut”, Switzerland in 2006, and plans to organize a collaboration exhibition in 2008 to introduce works of disabled Japanese artists to the world.