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Guidelines for IA2007 Skills Contests

1. Delegation Members

1.1 Each country/territory (hereafter called “country”) is requested to organize a delegation, which is composed of the following members.


  • Contestants of the IA2007 should have some kind(s) of disabilities. As for the Leisure and Living Skills Contests, participation by a team (2 contestants with different or the same disabilities) is welcomed.
  • Contestants with disabilities are requested to submit a medical certificate, in which their disability, along with medication in use, is described at the time of application for the contests.
  • The minimum age of contestants is the age of completion of compulsory schooling and, in any case, fifteen years at the time of the IA2007.
  • The number of contestants from one delegation per one contest category is, in principle, not more than three, except when the Japan Organizing Committee for International Skills Festival for All, Japan 2007 (hereafter called “organizing committee”) accepts the request of a participating organization to increase this number.
Each delegation may include language and/or sign language interpreters (hereafter called “interpreters”) in the delegation at their own expenses.

<Other delegation members>
Each delegation may include officials, judges, attendants for contestants, medical staff and participants of other events.

1.2 Registration

  • All delegation members should make registration to attend the IA2007 according to the procedures stipulated by the organizing committee
  • All contestants are requested to register by the end of June 2007 unless the organizing committee permits the late registration.