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Guidelines for IA2007 Skills Contests

2.1 Qualification

The organizing committee will select judges from among persons who have enough experience/knowledge in the related field as well as experience in judging at skills contests and/or skill qualification tests.

2.2 Composition of a panel of judges

  • The number of judges for one contest category will be at least three.
  • The organizing committee will appoint a chief technical staff of each contest category as a chief judge for his/her category.
  • c. Efforts will be made to ensure that judges from a single country do not form a majority on a panel of judges in one contest category. However, in case that there are not enough international nominees, the organizing committee will appoint judges from among its technical staff members even if they form a majority.

2.3 Nomination of judges

The organizing committee will select international judges among persons nominated by the IAF member organizations. Nomination will be accepted from January 1 through May 31, 2007.

2.4 Responsibility of judges

  • Judges should be fair and objective in every aspect regarding the skills contests.
  • Judges should be responsible for strict management of confidential information including details of task assignment and contest results.
  • In order to perform their duties, judges are requested to have common understanding on the contest procedure and evaluation criteria in accordance with instructions given by a chief judge of each contest category.