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Guidelines for IA2007 Skills Contests

4.1 The prizes awarded in each contest category will be Gold Medal, Silver Medal, and Bronze Medal as well as Special Prize(s). In the demonstration categories stipulated in Section 3-1-c above, only Special Prizes (Outstanding Performance Awards) may be awarded.

4.2 Announcement of contest results will be posted at 9AM on the next day of each contest at the designated notice board.

4.3 If an official appeal is not made within one (1) hour after the said announcement in 4-2 above, the results will be finalized and posted as the official results.

4.4 If an official appeal is made within one (1) hour after the said announcement, this appeal will be posted immediately. The judgment of the Jury of Appeal, which is stipulated in 6-1 to 6-4, will be posted as soon as a decision is reached.

4.5 Canvassing in any form by contestants and/or delegation members will be strictly prohibited.