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Skill Categories

In order to facilitate participation of contestants with various disabilities, we will try our best to make arrangements in response to their needs.
In addition, we have set up Basic Courses in three vocational contest categories. The assignments of Basic Courses are simple so that contestants who have difficulties to accomplish complicated tasks because of their specific disabilities can participate.

Please select the most appropriate contest category for each contestant, especially in categories that have Basic and Advanced Courses. The organizer may advise a contestant at the time of registration to change his/her category from Basic Course to Advanced Course.

Guidelines for IA2007 Skills Contests

Vocational Skills Contests and Leisure Living Skills Contests (hereafter called “contests”) in the IA2007 will be implemented based on this document, in addition to the International Abilympic Federation (hereafter called “IAF”) Constitution and Rules for Implementation of International Abilympics.

1. Delegation Members
2. Judges
3. Skill Contests

4. Prizes

5. Protest

6. Jury of Appeal

7. Medical Arrangement

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